About Awaz Utaoh

Awaz Utaoh provides a service that enables users to feel valued, uplifted and empowered. As the literal translation of Awaz Utaoh means 'raise your voice' this is what our organisation represents and the staff and the management committee strive to achieve.

Awaz Utaoh has developed the activities of the organisation to tailor the services to meet the identified need of the local communities. Each of the individual projects has managed to evolve in line with the development of the target groups. The future developments of the organisation has been identified in a three year business plan which will be used to guide the growth of the organisation.

Our fight and struggle against crime continues and has become even more effective during the past year. With the recent increase in youth anti social behaviour our Youth Project has been very active in the past year, with over 500 local South Asian youngsters involved. Not forgetting the success of the Awaz Utaoh Volunteering Project, again we have excelled all expectations with over 300 BME people taking advantage of our Volunteering Project.

This year has brought much needed advancement for Awaz Utaoh with new and innovative projects addressing Government policy and community cohesion.

Awaz Utaoh is indebted to our volunteers, management committee and staff under the leadership of our much loved Simi Chowdhry, not forgetting the massive number of volunteers who assist our cause on a daily basis.

Kiran Bhalerao - Chair