More Than a Curry!

More than a Curry! is a project that has been funded by the Heritage Lottery Fund and led by Awaz Utaoh.

Early in 2009, young people at Awaz Utaoh were inspired to start this project as they wanted to find out more about the lives of the early generation of South Asian people who came to Bristol, and to tell others about the impact they have had on the city and how they helped to form the city we live in today.

We interviewed people from the Bristol South Asian community about their lives and achievements. This book and series of short films compile these stories and celebrate the lives of the South Asian people who came to Bristol in the 1950s, 60s and 70s. We wanted to show that South Asian culture and influence has brought so much ‘more than a curry’.

The people who came to Bristol contributed in many ways; started community organisations, businesses, founded the first places of worship; they gave not only a new vibrancy, culture and diversity to the city, but they wanted to help Bristol thrive, to work for peace, unity and understanding, and break down barriers so coming generations could have equality and greater opportunities.

Our interviewees migrated from different places around the world - India, West Pakistan, East Pakistan (later Bangladesh) and East Africa. Their reasons for coming to Bristol vary as much as their origins; from fleeing persecution in Uganda, poverty in India, to searching for new opportunities or wanting to further their studies.

Something all the interviewees do share is their dedication to their community, their vision, perseverance and generosity. We hope this book and the short films portrays this spirit.

We would like to thank the following people for their contributions:

Mrs Aroona Smith, Mrs Hasuben Joshi, Mr Wahab, Mr Shiv Singh, Mr Rajendra Rajani, Mr Abdul Ismail, Mrs Rama Sharma, Mr Kuldip Virdee, Mr Balwant Sathi, Mrs Simi Chowdhry, Mr Ajit Chadha, Mrs Wahab, Mrs Deviyani Patel, Dr Mohammad Rahman, Mr Sukh Sharma, Mr Mohindar Chowdhry, Munuwar Hussein & Bristol Reference Library, The Heritage Lottery Fund and all at Awaz Utaoh.

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