This section of the website holds an historical record of Awaz Utaoh through our Annual Reports.

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Since 1994 South Asian deprivation has surfaced in Bristol. Issues surrounding victimisation, poverty, poor educational achievement, drug abuse and domestic violence have plagued this community since this period. It is for this reason that Awaz Utaoh emerged to become a service provider dedicated to the cross section of the South Asian community. This developed a community led service which aims to relieve many distressed Asian families from the ills of our society.

Crime and the fear of crime continues to infect our local community and has caused an inward polarisation of the South Asian communities. Positive citizenship, community cohesion and integration have become the medicine to the illness of a perceived segregation. We continue to address these issues for and with the community to create the most valuable partnership in the public services.

We continue to empower the South Asian community by developing their self confidence to enable self awareness and gain the vital skills which enhances their employment opportunities, ultimately relieving their poverty and deprivation. Our partnership work has continued to grow to influence the local services which increase the accessibility for the communities we serve. Over the past year we have had valued support from other agencies such as,Avon & Somerset Constabulary, Bristol City Council – Regeneration & Young Peoples Services, SARI, Avon Fire Brigade, local colleges, local youth services and local prisons & national trusts that have put Bristol on the map by funding our popular projects.